There’s No Substitute for Deep Analytical Experience

Unparalleled Analytics for Gene and Cell Therapies
At the heart of pioneering safe and effective gene and cell therapies lies a crucial component: advanced analytics. Advanced Medicine Partners prides itself on deploying cutting-edge analytical techniques to fully characterize and optimize a manufacturing process from the earliest stages. We understand that manufacturing a therapeutic product with an excellent impurity profile contributes to improved safety and patient outcomes, and we aim to leverage our best-in-class analytics (and manufacturing platform) to raise the bar on what excellence means when it comes to producing cell and gene therapies.

Excellence in Analytical Development and Quality Control
Located in Durham, Advanced Medicine Partners’ center of excellence for analytical development and quality control testing showcases our commitment to innovation. Our team’s development of over 50 internal, off-the-shelf methods and 19 external methods accelerates product characterization and reduces timelines.

Specializing in analytical chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, and cell-based assays, we have made significant strides in functional potency assays for AAV products, demonstrating our broad and deep analytical capabilities.

Efficient and Accurate Turnaround for Faster Advancements
Efficiency and accuracy is key in the fast-paced world of therapy development. With a typical turnaround time of just 10 days for internal testing, we are dedicated to facilitating rapid progress from laboratory discoveries to clinical applications.

Proven Track Record in Supporting Commercial Success
The bottom line: there is no substitute for deep analytical experience. Advanced Medicine Partners’ expertise is not just theoretical but proven through our active role in developing and qualifying analytical methods for multiple commercial products, including three globally approved gene therapies. This experience underscores the irreplaceable value of deep analytical knowledge in achieving commercial and therapeutic success. We want the same for you.

We’re eager to extend our analytical expertise to your projects, offering the same level of support, and scientific rigor that has led to our successes. To explore how Advanced Medicine Partners can use our analytics to assist in elevating your cell and gene therapy products, reach out to us at